SoTL #4 – Designing

I’ve taken the template from the shared Google folder space as provided on the Ontario Extend Scholar Module, and written out responses to each of the questions and prompts. As I did this, I kept circling back to the first three blog responses I’d written, in order to make sure there was continuity and consistency in what I was thinking and how I was visualizing this inquiry. I know I shifted some of my actions and methods, but that is to be expected  – as a focus on the student learning that would provide insight to my teaching. If I’m to examine the results of this project, whether there is an increased awareness of professional, networked, participatory practices, then the actions that will lead to this will need to be structured and examined carefully.

Is there really a connect between commenting on blog posts and how individuals build professional networks?

When commenting on other’s blog posts, does it provide a deeper engagement on a personal and professional level with a specific individual or ideas they are presenting?

The designed plan is now in the folder for further review and feedback.

As I continue to look at the design of this SoTL project, I’m not sure all the elements are in the right place or in the right sequence. I’ve shifted a few around to places that hopefully will make the whole thing run smoothly from beginning to end. Not sure, but it’s now a semi-structured plan! Only thing to do now is to take it out for a spin and see what happens. Design is all about prototyping and iterating as it goes. This design may need some adjustments, but that’s to be expected.

Photo by Stephen Di Donato on Unsplash