SoTL #5 – Reflection in, on, of actions

It’s not enough to have a handy list of potential ways and means to disseminate information. For me, it’s about the reflective practice and ‘double loop learning’ as shared in Donald Schon: Learning, Reflection and Change. It’s essential for me to engage in the reflective practice within this project as it’s moving forward, at the end of the project, and after the project concludes. In, on, and of are all part of the loops of learning, the mobius iterations of a work.

In order to reflect beyond the SoTL work, it’s important to share this project with critical, knowledgeable friends and colleagues. In order to accomplish this, here are a few ways I would move forward in sharing the work as well as the results. These are possibilities not certainties, some but not all would be opportunities for dissemination.

Possible publication:

Possible conference presentation:

Image attribution – Photo by Antoine Rault on Unsplash