SoTL #2 – What Are My Reasons

This part of the module forces some thinking about the underlying reasons for why anyone would conduct a project in SoTL. I realized that most of the selections from the suggested list did not fit me or my current context or teaching options. I had to dig deeply into my ‘raison d’etre’ for any additional work in SoTL that would apply. What are my reasons for tackling research into teaching and learning as an OEFellow? What would be the core outcome for any investigation I’d do into my teaching and learning? Why do it or WIIFM?

This comes down to two foundational beliefs in my practice – it’s all about conversations and relationships. Underlying all the elements layered into the learning, it’s ultimately how students connect and collaboration on ideas, concepts, practices, perceptions and theories through conversations and relationships. It’s understanding how students come into their ‘selves’ as teachers through the interweaving of conversation and relationship.

For example, my relationship with ideas about open education are connected through specific readings and practices that are shaped by the people who’s work resonates with my conceptual knowledge and understanding. These relationships are shaped by the conversations I have in open and private discussions, and through opportunities to listen to others.

Therefore, this becomes my reason for SoTL:

  • increased reflection
  • renewed interest in subject matter
  • positive student outcomes in building relationships and connections, and
  • the promotion of professional, participatory, networked learning opportunities.

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