Month: May 2018

Daily Extend #oext188

Create your map of the world. Where have I been? Where do I want to travel? Here’s how I’m doing so far. visited 36 states (16%) Create your own visited map of The World Next map – places I’d like to visit. want to visit 25 states (11.1%) Good to know where you’ve been. Better

Experimenter Conclusion

As I wrap up my work in this eCampus Ontario Extend Experimenter module, I’ll review some of the experimenting I’ve done and will continue to do. I have: Completed at least 3 Daily Extends. Completed at least 1 Deep Dive Extend. Reflected on the Experimenter activities in a blog post and tweeted a link to

Experi-mentoring Part 2

Taking a deeper dive into some of the possible extending activities was not only fun, but challenging and refreshing. Having a pick from any one of the list was like being a kid in a candy shop. Here’s my first deep dive: This first deep dive into the Experimenter Module was posted on the Five

Experi-mentoring Part 1

Through collaborative experimentation, we can provide a model for others. This is a form of ‘experi-mentoring‘ – explorations and experiments while mentoring others. Here are some of my experimentoring models in the guise of┬áDaily Extends. Well I did the daily for 64 days (wishing my exercise routine was as consistent) and then stopped, dropped and

Technologist Conclusion

For one day in May, I’ve been able to focus on this eCampus Ontario Extend – Technologist module. With some open and focused work, I’ve been able to build a full and relevant collection of actions and reflections on my work as a technologist. I have: Assessed my digital literacy for teaching Identified a challenge

A Tiny Tech Tale

Here’s my final contribution to the eCampus Ontario Extend Technologist module. It’s a tiny tech tale about how to include an image, not only within a WordPress blog post or page, but also as a Feature image for the post. If you add an image into a blog post, it doesn’t show up when you

Flipping over FlipGrid

This one caught my eye. I’ve got a thing for video, I guess. Not that I particularly like putting myself on video, but I love the potential for engagement with video responses, conversations and feedback. The interactivity and interplay with grids and video responses for feedback are enticing. So far I’ve just tinkered and played

Just teching it out

The prompt on the eCampus Ontario Extend module for Technologist states: “Write a reflective blog post that includes an explanation of the context and reasons why you choose to use a technology-enabled solution for your learning challenge. Include your process for empathizing and defining your learner challenge, the steps you took in ideating and prototyping

Getting to Know

Getting into a course isn’t easy, for an instructor or the students. Getting up to speed and into the rhythm of a course takes some time. There’s a whole lot of learning that happens in the first few weeks of any course, but particularly an online course. Getting to know each other, the outcomes of

Which Tool To Use?

This is a response to the Technologist module for the eCampus Ontario Extend program. The prompt relates to the selection of technology tools to respond to student’s needs. For this particular task, there are layers in the design and decision making that need to be considered. Using the student empathy map and pre-course surveys is