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Daily Extend #oext188

Create your map of the world. Where have I been? Where do I want to travel? Here’s how I’m doing so far. visited 36 states (16%) Create your own visited map of The World Next map – places I’d like to visit. want to visit 25 states (11.1%) Good to know where you’ve been. Better

What a fetching Fetch!

This task for the Collaborator module was irresistible. I’ve dipped into the DS106 assignment bank before since it provides a wealth of options for student engagement. This particular tasks is one that I’ve done in the Media and Digital Literacy course when exploring visual literacy. DS106 assignment bank: Five Frame Photo Story I’ve used the

Collaborator Completion

While working away at a module, you can lose track of what you’ve accomplished and what you need to complete. Keeping a list and working toward a goal is a great way to collaborate toward completion. This is a summary of evidence collected for the COLLABORATOR module with eCampus Ontario Extend program. I have: Explored

Catching up!

For this submission for the Ontario Extend Collaborator module, I’m catching all the related mentions in the Ontario Extend newsletter The Catch. Image included in the Ontario Extend East Launch edition. That’s Steven Secord and I comparing notes and cooking up plans. 29.03.2018 Where to find the eCampus Ontario OE Fellows, 04.05.2018 The Catch, edition 14, Section:

Neighbourhoods and Bubbles

As I tackled this challenge in the Ontario Extend Collaborator module  I became very aware of the number of people in my PLN in a variety of spaces and places, purposes and passions. The Google drawing does not allow for the full extent of people involved in each of the locations and passions identified. I’ve

Extending my PLN

I’m a fan of using Twitter lists to extend my PLN. It’s my way of ‘people catching’. When a group organizes around a topic or event, I’ll start a new list, try to faithfully collect the twitter names of those engaging in the topic or event, and share the list out to those who are

Waiting for Dessert!

This is a response for the Ontario Extend Collaborator module to explore WHY  we should collaborate. This has a bit of a story to it, with those characters sitting at the table. We are never really ever at the same table at any time. This collaboration happens over several months and the conversations started at