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9x9x25 #3: My Feedback

It’s a tough job giving and receiving feedback. I’ve written about feedback before [Feedback Please] but I’m looking at it somewhat differently now. I understand the power and potential of feedback to achieve learning goals. In my mind, I know that feedback is important. What I’m realizing now, more than ever, is the emotional reaction

Teacher for Learning Completion

This is the first module of the Ontario Extend series of learning events. This one provided me with many opportunities to share my experiences as a teacher, building on many years of work as an educator. This is a summary of these activities with an eye to ensure completion of all the learning experiences found

Liberating with fun

I’ve explored the Liberating Structures before and had considered how they could enhance teaching in a classroom. Many of the listed structures are similar to teaching strategies I’ve used throughout my career as an educator, just never called them ‘structures’. This video explores the establishment of these structures: I’ve recently had the opportunity to see


This is a response to the prompt to LISTEN found in the Teacher for Learning module in the eCampus Ontario extend learning. This extend activity created by Peg French was built from experiences and activities done in courses she has taught. First, the task required active listening of the Julian Treasure  TED Talk video titled

It’s a Nugget

One small nugget in the Open Faculty Patchbook, nestled in among all the words in all the chapters. It’s one that I’ve lived by since beginning to teach and I found them inside a chapter that had a title that would not have revealed that this nugget lay deep within. Like mining for jade or

Introductions: Selfie ME

As an introduction to a course and to each other, students can share a selfie story of a different kind. They can be given options to sharing – what to share, where to share, and how to share. These can be decided based on factors the instructor and/or course designer may know about the students,

Course curation as web sites

This is a response for the Ontario Extend module about Curation with a prompt to curate content specific resources. I’m not new to this curation process. It takes time but once you’ve done it, the iterations become easier. I’ve curated for each course I’ve taught. I curate the course materials on a course website. This