Collaborator Completion

While working away at a module, you can lose track of what you’ve accomplished and what you need to complete. Keeping a list and working toward a goal is a great way to collaborate toward completion. This is a summary of evidence collected for the COLLABORATOR module with eCampus Ontario Extend program.

I have:

  • Explored the resources: read the information and watched the videos about the impact and value of collaboration.
  • Signed up for Twitter and explored how to use it to engage with others to extend my PLN. My Twitter has been actively used since 2015. You can find me @hj_dewaard.
  • Engaged with people who, and groups that, align with my professional interests. (see the Waiting for Dessert post)
  • Listed some activities that I can engage in to cultivate and expand my PLN. (see post about using lists in Twitter)
  • Blogged about “Extending Your PLN”. (see blog post by this name)
  • Mapped my PLN and posted it to my Domain. (see Neighbourhoods and Bubbles).

Here’s the list of completed posts:

Dining Table Waiting for Dessert
Extend PLN Twitter lists
Map PLN Neighbourhoods
Play Catch Making my catch
Fetch A fetching Fetch

Image Attribution: Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash