Extending my PLN

I’m a fan of using Twitter lists to extend my PLN. It’s my way of ‘people catching’. When a group organizes around a topic or event, I’ll start a new list, try to faithfully collect the twitter names of those engaging in the topic or event, and share the list out to those who are involved so they can also use the list to extend their PLN. Here’s my list of lists. Many of my lists are no longer visible or open since the folks have long since moved on – it may have been a one-time event or occurrence. I move them into a private file so I can still reference back if needed.

So, I’ve gathered a list of EastEnder Extenders – mostly from those who tweeted out on the day of the Extend East kickoff. I’m sure there are others who are not on the list but with one little tweet, their name can be added. Those who wish to use this list to extend their PLN can ‘subscribe‘ to the list and it’ll appear in their list of lists. There, that was easy…. PLN extended!

If you’d like to learn more about using Twitter lists – there’s a Lynda.com video resource for you [Use Twitter Lists]. You can also use TweetDeck to follow lists and streams when events occur to catch all the action as it happens.