Experi-mentoring Part 2

Taking a deeper dive into some of the possible extending activities was not only fun, but challenging and refreshing. Having a pick from any one of the list was like being a kid in a candy shop.

Here’s my first deep dive:

This first deep dive into the Experimenter Module was posted on the Five Flames for Learning blog site that I’ve maintained a lot longer than this extending blog. It was An OPEN Experimenter’s Lab Report and was posted on 

“First, I’m going to admit to being a secret scientist, and that this is not your usual lab report. My methods and conclusions are interwoven throughout. I’ve done my experimenting in the confines of my home, saving to my laptop or in hidden corners of the web, while no one was watching. I’ve examined the explorations of others and subversively integrated their insights into my own ways of knowing and doing. My experiments are amalgamations of ingredients that others have openly shared.” 

You can use the link provided to explore the scientific methods and outcomes.

Going Down for the Second Time:

My second ‘experi-mentoring‘ is a deeper dive that I’ve already completed. I’ve contributed to the Open Faculty Patchbook. The chapter I shared is titled Lost and Found: Course designs that map it out. This is continuing to influence my thinking about my own work as an instructor who also does course design for face to face and online learning.

I took this topic further and deeper when I recently used this article as a springboard for a conference session at the CNIE2018 in Sudbury titled  LOST AND FOUND – COURSE DESIGNS THAT MAP-IT-OUT USING UDL & WAYFINDING.

The link to the presentation slide notes are here, openly shared for other experi-mentors.

As I continue to experiment in the eCampus Ontario Extend Modules, I hope these will result in many positive mentoring opportunities for others who are looking for a map, a path or any scientific plan to explore. My experi-mentoring will continue.