Technologist Conclusion

For one day in May, I’ve been able to focus on this eCampus Ontario Extend – Technologist module. With some open and focused work, I’ve been able to build a full and relevant collection of actions and reflections on my work as a technologist.

I have:

  • Assessed my digital literacy for teaching
  • Identified a challenge for my learners.
  • Mind-mapped and selected an educational technology to help address this challenge.
  • Developed, obtained feedback and refined a prototype of my technology creation.
  • Connected the technology to my curriculum
  • Shared my technology creation.
  • Reflected on the design thinking approach used to create a technology-enabled solution for a learning challenge.

Here’s some extra elements I’ve created and shared:

Digital Literacies By definition
Empathy Map Getting to Know
Learner Challenge Code breaking
Sections Reflection while Slacking
Its alive Teching it out
Tools of the Trade Flipping over Flipgrid
Tiny Tech Tale WordPress images