Course curation as web sites

This is a response for the Ontario Extend module about Curation with a prompt to curate content specific resources. I’m not new to this curation process. It takes time but once you’ve done it, the iterations become easier.

I’ve curated for each course I’ve taught. I curate the course materials on a course website. This website becomes the lesson and repository for all elements for the time we spend together. It is not the sum total of the materials we use in the course, but it becomes a connection from content to learning. Students can return to the course site to find the links, activities, materials, readings and resources for the learning. It is the starting point and springboard for student’s own curations. Using effective search strategies helps them find the resource or reading that they may have forgotten or need to find quickly.

Here is the course site for Media and Digital Literacy – MDL4000

Here is the course site for Digital Teaching and Learning – DT&L3239

Here is the course site for Critical Digital Literacy – 3239CDL

My curations and iterations of these courses have evolved over the years but I continue to use both WordPress and Weebly sites. These course sites remain accessible beyond the course time frame so students can return to these after the course is completed, since learning management system spaces become closed and redundant. I do warn students that these course sites do iterate and are revised annually so some content may be removed while new materials with currency and impact will be added.

How do you curate your course materials so they are accessible to students beyond the course time frame? What digital tools do you use to curate resources?

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