Teacher for Learning Completion

badge for teacher moduleThis is the first module of the Ontario Extend series of learning events. This one provided me with many opportunities to share my experiences as a teacher, building on many years of work as an educator. This is a summary of these activities with an eye to ensure completion of all the learning experiences found in this module.

I have:

  • Reflected on all seven principles of How Learning Works
  • Identified a concept that is often misunderstood in my discipline and created an analogy to help make sense of it (Prior knowledge)
  • Created a concept map of a syllabus for a course I teach (Organization)
  • Practiced my note taking skills (Organization)
  • Brainstormed a list of “What’s in it for me?” from a student perspective (Motivation)
  • Identified a concept in my discipline that is like driving a car and specified the component skills that are required to master this concept of skill (Mastery)
  • Created an introductory activity, connected to my discipline, to get to know my learners (Climate)
  • Found a nugget and made it as meaningful as possible (Metacognition)
  • Articulated a metaphor to describe my teaching philosophy (Culminating Activity)

Here is the summary of the submissions as evidence of learning.

1 Misunderstood Analogy for Learning https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/analogy-for-learning/
2 Concept Map Mapping it out https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/mapping-it-out/
3 Cornell Notes Combining strategies https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/combining-strategies-cornell-and-sketching/
4 WIIFM Domain of One’s Own https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/a-domain-of-ones-own-wiifm/
5 Driving a Car Lesson Plans https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/lesson-plans-are-like-learning-how-to-drive-a-car/
6 Introduce Me Selfie Me https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/introductions-selfie-me/
7 Thought Vectors It’s a Nugget https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/its-a-nugget/
8 Metaphor Campfires https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/campfire-as-metaphor/
9 Active Listening Listening https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/listening/
10 Liberate Atmosphere Liberating with fun https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/examples/its-liberating/