Dusting Off My Extension Cord

hand plugging a cord into a power barI’m coming back to this blog site since there’s a new purpose to participate and extend my thinking! I’m dusting off this ‘extending’ blog site since I’ve got some more connecting and thinking to do. It’s time to get plugged in, so here I go.

I’ve been tagged into the eCampus Ontario Extend’s 9X9X25 blogging challenge.

It started with this tweet from Terry Greene.

That led to this Ontario Extend blog post with ‘details that weren’t details‘.

This was followed by the unravelling of the winding extension cord (because all cords end up winding into knots) to the details within details

I needed to get this done since I don’t think it’s this blog that’s already connected to the Ontario Extend hub. So more technical work to work through. ….

But I’ve got teaching and learning to do. Why am I doing this too?

What’s it going to matter anyway? WIIFM?

Let me tell you why! It’s going to make me think about what I do in the classroom, in my own learning, and help me share this with others who are also participating in this 9x9x25 challenge. We’re in this together, and together we’ll learn to make it better.

It’s also going to bring some light and attention to blogging within my own higher education institution with others also interested in doing this blogging thing with me. So building connections into the open as I build on blogging as a reflective practice.

Challenge accepted. You can sign up too – 9x9x25 sign up form is here! With a quick video to help fellow Team Lakehead members get signed up.

For those who are brand new to blogging, this Blogging Basics information may be a helpful place to start.

If you want to read why others are joining the challenge, here are a few good reasons from a few great people – worth joining just to hear what they’re doing in their teaching practice.

Team Lakehead fellow bloggers

The full range of blog posts are on this LIST OF BLOGS, (20 so far and it hasn’t really started yet). Each post will stream through this Ontario Extend syndicated collection space so bookmark, RSS feed it, read it, and write to add your voice into this mix.

Image Attribution: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash