Scholar Conclusion

For one day in June, I’ve been able to focus on this eCampus Ontario Extend – Scholar module. With some open and focused work, I’ve been able to build a full and relevant collection of actions and reflections on my work as a scholar.

I have:

  • Defined SoTL and explored examples of its practice through video clips and web links.
  • Considered problems or questions of teaching practice from my discipline area that I would like to research.
  • Built a scholarship plan for one of my courses.
  • Considered the attributes or indicators of student learning that would address my research question.
  • Examined examples of previous scholarship in the identified area of practice.
  • Considered who among my peers could review the study that I will undertake.
  • Considered how I might disseminate the work to others.
  • Shared my research plan through a blog post.

Here are the contributions I’ve created and shared:

Keys of SoTL What’s the answer?
Engage with SoTL What are my Reasons?
Refine SoTL Defining and Refining
Design SoTL Designing in Action
Reflect on SoTL Reflecting in Action
Share SoTL Share the Plan