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Experimenter Conclusion

As I wrap up my work in this eCampus Ontario Extend Experimenter module, I’ll review some of the experimenting I’ve done and will continue to do. I have: Completed at least 3 Daily Extends. Completed at least 1 Deep Dive Extend. Reflected on the Experimenter activities in a blog post and tweeted a link to

Experi-mentoring Part 2

Taking a deeper dive into some of the possible extending activities was not only fun, but challenging and refreshing. Having a pick from any one of the list was like being a kid in a candy shop. Here’s my first deep dive: This first deep dive into the Experimenter Module was posted on the Five

Experi-mentoring Part 1

Through collaborative experimentation, we can provide a model for others. This is a form of ‘experi-mentoring‘ – explorations and experiments while mentoring others. Here are some of my experimentoring models in the guise of┬áDaily Extends. Well I did the daily for 64 days (wishing my exercise routine was as consistent) and then stopped, dropped and