Catching up!

For this submission for the Ontario Extend Collaborator module, I’m catching all the related mentions in the Ontario Extend newsletter The Catch.

And my contribution to The Catch, Issue 8 where I shared links to the #OneWordOnt community. Here’s the bit that was included: ““One word to rule them all – pick one word and make it count. Make that word your mission for the next year. Revisit it, take it out of your pocket and examine its shiny spots. Don’t throw it away or lose it cause it’s yours for the year….. Read more about the OneWordONT community from those who are on this intrepid journey – see links to Julie Balen’s blog site, Jenni Hayman’s Tweet, my post (Helen), as well as Terry Greene’s.”

Bits and pieces to catch up on The Catch contributions.

Image Attribution: Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash