Bank Deposit

Another deposit to the bank. I’ve been adding to the activity bank for the Ontario Extend community, but this one is for the Daily Extend bank. It’s not so much like the ‘banking’ model of education espoused by Friere, but more about making deposits to my own learning. This includes making connections from one element or ‘account’ to another and moving my ‘money’ strategically to share the wealth.

With that in mind, I’ve pulled this idea from Bryan Mathers, who’s done some amazing graphic work that he shares openly and frequently, through Visual Thinkery. I came across this post [It’s Obvious] through my connections to those who will be attending the OER18 conference next week.

First, I used this link to connect to the #oextend activities.

Then I linked from this sandbox [Remix OER] and added it to the Ontario Extend – Daily Extend idea bank.

Now that it’s done, I’m awaiting this to pop up in the ‘do it daily’ mix.

pie chart style graphI’ll have to look for more ideas since I’m all about the media making, since the media types lean more toward photo and writing. I’m sure there will be ways to contribute a variety of media for a quick daily task to engage others in media making with me. The trick is to find ones that don’t take a lot of time to complete, will explore new media production tools that will connect to classroom applications, but are also fun for all, open to remixing and capturing learning.

[Graph data derived from accumulated numbers found on the Most Popular Daily Extends page on the Ontario Extend Daily Extend site on April 9, 2018.]