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Daily Extend #oext188

Create your map of the world. Where have I been? Where do I want to travel? Here’s how I’m doing so far. visited 36 states (16%) Create your own visited map of The World Next map – places I’d like to visit. want to visit 25 states (11.1%) Good to know where you’ve been. Better

Experi-mentoring Part 1

Through collaborative experimentation, we can provide a model for others. This is a form of ‘experi-mentoring‘ – explorations and experiments while mentoring others. Here are some of my experimentoring models in the guise of┬áDaily Extends. Well I did the daily for 64 days (wishing my exercise routine was as consistent) and then stopped, dropped and

Bank Deposit

Another deposit to the bank. I’ve been adding to the activity bank for the Ontario Extend community, but this one is for the Daily Extend bank. It’s not so much like the ‘banking’ model of education espoused by Friere, but more about making deposits to my own learning. This includes making connections from one element

Extending my reach

This is a response for the Experimenter Module in the Ontario Extend for the Do it Daily activity for the Activity Bank. It’s habit forming, this daily extending activity. It’s been 34 days so far and I’ve done a daily extend activity each day. It’s a small thing to do but each one provokes some

#oext daily distractions

These daily extending activities are a distraction to serious work! How can I keep up and participate while still doing the stuff I’m supposed to be doing? They are fun and keep my making, but really…. what’s the purpose? Why do I do them? Me as media maker – that’s why. Me as creator, sharer,