Experi-mentoring Part 1

Through collaborative experimentation, we can provide a model for others. This is a form of ‘experi-mentoring‘ – explorations and experiments while mentoring others. Here are some of my experimentoring models in the guise of Daily Extends.

Well I did the daily for 64 days (wishing my exercise routine was as consistent) and then stopped, dropped and rolled right out of the habit. I’ll still dip in on occasion, look, lurk, and perhaps, get lured back in. But here’s the evidence of the deed done well. My purpose doing the Daily Extends was ultimately to get connected to others in the Extend East cohort. Now, with a reset of the extend leaderboard, with the start of the Extend West cohort, I’m glad I captured this screenshot of my progress so it’s not lost forever.

annotated image of daily extend tweets


My favourite daily extend was “oext139 It might be obvious, maybe it’s not. Take a turn to remix this.” since it’s one I contributed to the Extend Bank. On the day it was released for ‘extension’ I was in a  race with Lynn Cartan, who beat me to the production of the images for the Extend Module images. I did create a collection, but Lynn beat me to the post.

So, daily extends are a true experimentor‘s delight. It’s a sandbox space to step in, pick up a shovel or bucket, build something, see if it sticks together, look around at what others are crafting, and leave when you’re ready, knowing it’ll be there waiting when you want to come back and play.