Curator Completion

badge for curator moduleAs part of the eCampus Ontario – Extend Modules, there is a commitment to open, accessible, evidence of learning. In order to verify the learning that has occurred, and receive a digital badge as validation, I have collected all the elements of the curation module here into one location. This is my performance moment – on stage to present my completed module to the adjudicators.

The module checklist:

I have:

  • Defined content curation.
  • Explored Creative Commons Licenses and compared them to Copyright.
  • Used Boolean operators and limiters to refine searches.
  • Explored repositories to curate content that meet specific learning goals.
  • Used the CRAAP test to evaluate OER.
  • Reflected on using OER when designing, developing and revising courses or workshops.

My evidence of completion includes:

1 Definition The Web we weave
2 Consider this One picture
3 Find Fit Curation as course site
4 Curation Creation Padlet column
5 Holy CRAAP Four Moves