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Reflective Retrospective

This is an excerpt from the full paper written for eCampus Ontario. The full paper can be found as a PDF file, downloaded, and ready to review all the interactive links and diagrams. As a culminating task for my work as an Ontario open education fellow (OEFellow), I’ve taken time to reflect on my open

SoTL #6 – Sharing the Plan

It’s a great idea – maybe! It’s a plan – well sort of! It’ll get done – why wouldn’t it? Here’s the culmination of my work in the Scholar Module in the eCampus Ontario Extend program. It’s a summary of key points as outlined in the module’s expectations. Share your SoTL research plan through a

SoTL #3 – Defining and Refining

As I examine this idea of becoming a researcher in action, a teacher with an inquiry focus, I’m clarifying what is possible, potential and impactful. I’m shifting from the possible to the actual. Keeping the reasons in mind, I’m narrowing the focus down a specific track that lays out a path for a specific outcome