Author: Helen

#oext daily distractions

These daily extending activities are a distraction to serious work! How can I keep up and participate while still doing the stuff I’m supposed to be doing? They are fun and keep my making, but really…. what’s the purpose? Why do I do them? Me as media maker – that’s why. Me as creator, sharer,

Themes for thought

I’m exploring themes and concepts for this new domain location. The joy in creating something like this is that your imagination runs free, until the reality of doing brings you to full stop. Both are essential in crafting your digital persona with care and intention. As I begin again, anew, in view, I’m building my

Shiny and Newly Minted

Here it is. My shiny new and newly minted blog site [Extending My Thoughts] residing in my shiny new and newly minted domain []. I’m not new to this domain creation or blog site creation. I’ve been creating and making for a while, but I’ve never before been at the helm like I am this