Shiny and Newly Minted

Here it is. My shiny new and newly minted blog site [Extending My Thoughts] residing in my shiny new and newly minted domain [].

I’m not new to this domain creation or blog site creation. I’ve been creating and making for a while, but I’ve never before been at the helm like I am this time. I’ve relied on others to steer the machine, set the directions, push and pull the knobs. Now it’s all ME!

This is a gift of ownership and agency!

airplane cockpitI can’t believe how amazing this feels. Scary but exciting. Making lots of mistakes and don’t quite get what all the dials are for, but it’ll come as I tinker, explore and share. Small steps toward flying off into the unknown by myself, but it’s easier knowing there’s a safety harness and whole mess of others hanging around to help.

IF I can learn from this experience and then make this media making, domain claiming, purposeful creating happen for others, I’ll be an inordinately happy camper!

So, next thing to do… get this new blog site connected to Ontario Extend and find out how to merge my other digital spaces and places into my new domain.  My newly minted domain and blog site will grow with this Extending experience!

Image attribution: Aircraft fighter cockpit instrument by olafpictures on Pixabay found at